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3.5 Any member receiving any money on behalf of the Club must as soon as possible pass the same to the Treasurer.

3.6 The Club’s financial year end date shall be 30th June.

3.7 Any member standing for election as an officer of the Club or member of the Committee

must be proposed by two members and must give to the Secretary not less than two days

before the relevant meeting his consent to stand for election.

3.8 Any member who is unable to attend an annual or extraordinary general meeting shall be entitled to lodge a proxy vote with the Chairman of the meeting provided that the proxy is confirmed in writing to the Secretary at least two days prior to the date of the relevant


3.9 The business of the annual general meeting shall be:-

1) Apologies for absence.

2) Approval of the minutes of the last annual general meeting.

3) Matters Arising from those Minutes.

4) General reports covering the preceding year and the present state of the Club and its


5) Presentation and acceptance of the accounts for the preceding financial year.

6) Fixing membership subscriptions, range fees and visitors’ fees for the coming year.

7) Election of Chairman.

8) Election of Secretary.

9) Election of Treasurer.

10) Election of Management Committee Members.

11) Consideration of any recommendations by the outgoing Management Committee for

changes to the constitution.

12) Consideration of any item(s) of business notified in writing to the Secretary by any

member not later than four weeks before the date of the annual general meeting.

Before any such item is placed on the agenda for discussion it must be proposed as an

item for inclusion on the agenda for the annual general meeting by at least two members

of the Club.

13) Any other business at the sole discretion of the Chairman of the meeting. Any matter

discussed under “any other business” may only be for consideration or recommendation

and must be ratified at a future meeting of the new Management Committee, or (where

necessary) at a future annual general meeting or extraordinary general meeting.

3.10 Any full member of not less than nine months standing may stand for election to the

Management Committee, or as an officer of the Club, if proposed and seconded by at least

two other members at an annual or extraordinary general meeting.